Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated: July 4, 2007


    1. What is the PNB Corporate Internet Banking System

The Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) is a facility wherein clients can securely and effectively take control of their corporate finances through the Internet. It also allows the user/s to manage multiple employee access to accounts in accordance with internal policies.


    1. What are the benefits of CIB to customers?
      • Convenience
        Manage your day-to-day banking transactions using REAL-TIME information and access your company’s financial position anytime, anywhere via the web.
      • Security
        Data integrity and confidentiality are ensured through the use of an online browser security (Verisign) and in-house developed security infrastructure (firewalls). Only authorized users can access account information.
      • Reduce Operating Costs & Increase Efficiency
        Relative to the company's operational and administrative costs, CIB is proven to be cost-efficient and decreases error rate by use of automated processes.


    1. What service offerings are available with CIB?

As a CIB user, you may do any of the following:

      • Access your company's account information - REAL TIME.
      • Request for copy of the company's bank statement which can be sent through email, fax or for pick up at the maintaining branch.
      • Online ordering of checkbooks for enrolled accounts in CIB. This is available for corporate current accounts in Philippine Peso currency only.
      • Sweep account balances from your sub-accounts to a parent account
      • Perform fund transfers to your own account or to a 3rd party account.
      • Submit your payroll, ADA, credit or debit instruction to PNB.
      • Pay your company bills to accredited merchants.


    1. Are there any fees charged for making transactions through CIB?

Transactions are subject to the fees and charges indicated in the Memorandum of Agreement executed between PNB and the client.


    1. Do I get receipt for every transaction I make?

A Transaction Reference Number for every request shall be issued by CIB to serve as evidence of the transaction. You may copy this number to serve as your record, print the acknowledgment page itself or opt to have an e-mail notification sent to you.


    1. Can I do account transactions even from outside the Philippines?

Yes. As long as you have access to an Internet connection and a computer with the necessary system requirements, you can access CIB from anywhere in the world.


    1. What are the accounts that can be enrolled and accessed in CIB?

To enroll in CIB, you need to have any of the following:

      • Savings Accounts - Regular/Passbook Savings, PNB Prime Savings, PNB Dollar, PNB Euro
      • Current Accounts - PNBig Check, PNB Combo, Executive Checking, PNB Greencheck
      • Investment Accounts - Regular Time Deposit, PNB Savings, Wealth Multiplier, PNB Greenmarket, Euro Time Deposit

        ***Please note that only accounts maintained in the Philippines can be enrolled in CIB.


    1. What are the minimum system requirements to access CIB?
      • Personal computer (recommended minimum Pentium III)
      • Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, 2003
      • Internet Service Provider connection
      • Modem (56 kbps speed)
      • Browser (Internet Explorer version/s 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0)


    1. Whom shall we contact if we want to avail the services of CIB?

You may contact your maintaining branch or account officer handling your account for application. You can also get assistance through our Customer Service Representative through telephone number 573-8888 or you may send an email to


    1. What is the application procedure?

You will have to submit to PNB a duly signed Memorandum of Agreement and a Secretary's Certificate stating that your company's Board of Directors has approved the availment of PNB's internet banking modules. A properly accomplished Corporate Internet Banking Enrollment Form should also be attached. Upon submission of these required documents, the account shall be enrolled by PNB.


    1. How long will the enrollment process take before I can start using CIB?

Enrollment will be completed within 2 banking days from receipt of all required documents. A confirmation will be received from PNB. Password mailers shall be issued by PNB to the authorized representative of the company.


    1. What is the maximum number of users for CIB?

There is no limit to the number of users a company can assign to use CIB.


    1. Can single proprietorship and partnership accounts be enrolled in CIB?

Yes. Sole proprietorships (with more than one signatory) and partnership accounts may also be enrolled in CIB.


    1. Can the access of a user be cancelled in case he leaves the company or changes positions?

You may request amendments such as cancellation of access by submitting an accomplished Corporate Internet Banking Maintenance and Cancellation Form to your maintaining branch. Amendment will take effect within three banking days upon receipt of request.


    1. How do I log in to PNB Corporate Internet Banking?

Go to the PNB website at, then click on the link for Corporate Log in under Electronic Banking found at the left panel of the home page or you may go to the Business Banking tab and select Corporate Internet Banking from the dropdown menu. The CIB logon page will be displayed where you will be prompted to enter your User ID and password.


    1. How many incorrect log-in tries are allowed before the UserID gets locked?

After 3 consecutive incorrect attempts, your User ID will be locked. To unlock your access, your company should submit to the branch a letter request or an accomplished Corporate Internet Banking Maintenance and Cancellation Form signed by the authorized signatories.


    1. Is CIB available 24 hours a day?

Yes. CIB is available day and night, seven days a week.

***Please note that due to the maintenance of other systems that internet banking interfaces with, off-line conditions may be realized from time to time.


    1. Can all users have access to the enrolled accounts of the company in CIB?

Access to the accounts will be identified upon enrollment. Once the necessary authorization has been provided to the user, he will be able to view the account.


    1. How far back can I inquire on the company’s past transactions?

You may view your past transactions by specifying the date range covering the previous thirteen months for savings account and three months for current account.


    1. Can I print out statement of accounts?

You can print a listing of your transactions via the accounts inquiry module of CIB.


    1. Can I transfer funds to any other PNB account?

You may transfer funds to the company’s enrolled account or to enrolled 3rd Party Accounts. You may transfer funds immediately, on a future date or on a recurring schedule (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually).


    1. Is there a limit to the amount of funds transfer?

There is no limit as to the amount of fund transfer one can make. However, approval of funds transfer requests will depend on the authorizer’s transaction limit as specified in the enrollment form.


    1. Can I transfer funds to accounts maintained at other banks?

Inter-bank funds transfer is not available as of the moment.


    1. Can I pay my bills using CIB?

You may settle your bill with PNB's accredited merchants through CIB. This may either be enrolled or un-enrolled. Settling of bills that are past due or with notice of service disconnection are discouraged. You may pay your bills based on current date, future date or on a recurring basis.


    1. Where can I get the official transaction receipt for the payment that was made?

The Payee Institution is responsible for sending an official receipt to the client. A transaction reference number is issued by CIB at the time of transaction as evidence of payment.


    1. Can payroll files be uploaded through CIB?

As a better alternative to the submission of the payroll diskette file to the branch, you may submit payroll, ADA, credit or debit instruction files to PNB via CIB by following the prescribed format. The file should be submitted at least one banking day before the processing date. A Reference Number for every successful upload shall be issued by CIB to serve as evidence of the transaction.


    1. What is account sweeping?

Account sweeping is an automated multi-funds transfer service via CIB - from the company's Satellite Account/s to the Mother Account and vice versa.


    1. Can account sweeping be made between accounts of different currencies?

No. Sweeping relationships and instructions between accounts of different currencies are not accepted in CIB. The Mother and Satellite Accounts must be of the same currency.


    1. What should I do if I encounter problems using CIB?

If you have any comment, inquiry or concern regarding CIB, you can call our Customer Service Representatives at 573-8888, press option 2 then 4 or e-mail us at